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Aiming for the top
with high purity synthetic quartz
Aiming for the top
with high purity synthetic quartz

Ultrapure synthetic quartz materials that satisfy excellent optical characteristics and high durability
and chemical resistance at the same time
Ultrapure synthetic quartz materials that satisfy excellent optical characteristics and high durability and chemical resistance at the same time

Key material to realize advanced technology of high-tech industry

Outstanding mechanical, chemical and optical characteristics of our ultrapure synthetic quartz materials are widely applied to the products with high specifications that require precision and stability of the high-tech industries such as semiconductors and optics and defense industry, and they are improving through constant research and development.

  • Semiconductor Materials

    Taihan Fiberoptics’ synthetic quartz materials development and success in commercialization will complete localization of the blank mask substrate of photolithography which used to depend entirely on imports from overseas so far and of semiconductor parts materials for etching and deposition and also complete the domestic semiconductor supply chain, and it will make a significant difference in the industry.
    As a Korea’s only manufacturer and provider of synthetic quartz materials, Taihan Fiberoptics will spur to strengthen the supply chain with the country’s semiconductor leaders.

  • Precision Optics

    Our synthetic quartz materials have high transmittance in the ultraviolet-intrared band, which is an outstanding optical characteristic, and are the ultrapure synthetic quartz with almost zero of impurities through the process of removing microbubbles and foreign substances. Taihan Fiberoptics provides optimal materials where high purity glass is needed such as an astronomical telescope and a precise microscope.

  • Defense Optics

    Taihan Fiberoptics studies and develops the materials for defense products suitable for national security.
    It guarantees accuracy and stability of the ultrapure synthetic quartz used for all kinds of reconnaissance and laser aiming systems.

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